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Announcement | MultiSafepay becomes connected partner


Author: Actuals Partner Desk

Actuals welcomes MultiSafepay as connected partner on its Revenue Assurance Platform.

When you sell goods or services online, making use of a Payment Service Provider is of course very logical . So to us it is very logical to connect with companies in this space, to help them understand their payment data and reconcile this vital data sources with other systems and applications in the Finance stack.

When MultiSafepay reached out to us, we did not think twice to start the connector onboarding process. Due to both our tech savvy backgrounds, the integration was done with the blink of an eye.

We invite anyone to test-drive our integration and benefit from this opportunity to automatically reconcile data from MultiSafePay with ANY other sources of financial data.


  • Grip on money and revenue flows between orders, payments (MultiSafepay),  and Accounting software;
  • Specific, reliable reports in the field of refunds, chargebacks and returns;
  • Reliable sales and margin reports on order level;
  • Outstanding orders still to be paid by end customers are visible in one overview based on the latest status of the order.


About MultiSafepay

Founded in 1999, MultiSafepay has always been on the frontline of innovation. By offering a comprehensive mix of over 30 payment methods and many integration possibilities. MultiSafepay’s merchants and partners have endless possibilities.

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