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Continuous control
of revenue and margins

HelloPrint, is a fast-growing internet company that handles 700,000 digital print jobs in 11 European countries each year.

Actuals helps HelloPrint to gain more grip on transaction workflows and improve their financial controls.

Creating a single source of truth

The most important part of optimizing the finance and control structure within any company, is to establish a Single Source of truth on transactional data. This is what helped HelloPrint understand how different important systems and applications work together and how the data is or should be matching up. 

Management by exeption

The main achievement for HelloPrint is that  transaction matching now takes place in a fully automated fashion! The finance team can focus on the remaining exceptions – saving a great amount of time and money.

I only call Actuals if the transaction matching dips below 99%
Lennaert Koch, CFO HelloPrint

Lennaert Koch was looking for a new way to keep a grip on HelloPrint’s turnover. A way in which the possibilities of digital technology can be exploited to the fullest and one that allowed for a constant monitoring of the company’s financial flows. He found a partner in and shared his vision on modern financial control. 

Interested? Peter will gladly show you the possibilities

As a Certified Public Accountant, Peter believed that the finance & control function within companies should be made easier, more fun and more accurate. As our founder and Managing Director he is more than happy to share the vision and ideas behind our platform with you.

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