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Automated transaction reconciliation

MultiTankcard provides fuel and charge cards for all lease companies. With 30 years of experience and 500,000 active passes in the Netherlands, MultiTankcard knows how lease drivers and fleet managers want to be relieved in the field of refueling and charging. MultiTankcard also offers the possibility to pay travel costs for public transport, parking, car wash and car liquids with the card.

Prodiving third party revenue controls for internal and external audit efficiency

Creating financial transparancy for all stakeholders

After 30 years and with new management, digital transformation was the first priority for MultiTankcard. Actuals has been supporting this change for over 3 years now, delivering a holistic financial control solution that connects all internal and external stakeholders, from fleet owners to oil companies.

End to end transaction reconciliation

“Actuals enables us to control the financial relationships with our partners in a more efficient manner. The unique thing about Actuals’ approach is that they do it in a way that transcends organizations.”

A paradigm shift to be in control
Patrick Roozeman, CEO MultiTankcard

Patrick Roozeman is CEO of MultiTankcard. MultiTankcard authorizes, processes and invoices mobility transactions. With an annual transaction volume of more than one billion euros, efficient control of the financial flows with customers and partners is essential. Especially now that MultiTankcard is increasingly operating in an ecosystem with its partners, according to Roozeman, this is only possible with a radically new approach.

Interested? Peter will gladly show you the possibilities

As a Certified Public Accountant, Peter believed that the finance & control function within companies should be made easier, more fun and more accurate. As our founder and Managing Director he is more than happy to share the vision and ideas behind our platform with you.

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