MTc is the company behind MultiTankcard, a Dutch market-leader that supplies fuel cards and provides other mobility-related solutions. Over the years, the number of transport options and services is expanded bit-by-bit. The organisations’ second label, MoveMove, provides an all-in-one-package for facilitating all types of public transportation for small business owners. With innovative technologies and by collaborating with excellent partners, the userfriendliness for both employer and employee has increased, making MTc the leading mobility partner.

The process.

MTc wants to improve the monthly closing and year-end process by validating all orders are recorded in the transaction database and all orders are invoiced.

  • Client uses the MTc at a gas station
  • captures independently and realtime all transactions that are authenticated and authorized
  • Every week captures the weekly invoicing data sent by MTc to the cardholders and reconciles these with the transactional data
  • receives automatically all the invoicing details from gas station sent to MTc. reconciles the invoiced transactions by gas stations to MTc’s own database


By collaborating with Actuals, MultiTankcard used the robotic revenue validation to get in independent check on the data in their database. At the same time it changed their audit approach as they can react on deviations faster and have better insights with the monthly reports.

Reduced external Financial & ITaudit from 3 months to two weeks

Automated monthly settlement reporting sent to MTc and gas stations

Providing revenue intelligence to management