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transactions in 2017


Takeaways.com is one of the leading online food marketplace in the world that connects consumers and restaurants through its platform. The platform serves as a source of orders and facilitates the online payments for the restaurants. At the same time consumers can find their preferred meal by only using a single mobile app or website and search for options based on location, opening hours, type of food and other information. This combination makes the perfect online place where supply and demand for food delivery and ordering meet. Takeaway.com, that was founded in the Netherlands in 2000, now operates in 10 European countries and Vietnam. They processed over 68.3 million orders in 2017, a growth of 38% compared with 2016, further cementing its market leadership position.

The process.

Takeaway.com wants to improve the monthly closing and year-end process by validating all orders are recorded in the transaction database and all orders are invoiced.

  • Client orders on one of the Takeaways sites or applications
  • Actuals captures when an order is processed and send to the restaurants
  • Actuals reconciles daily if all data is recorded in the primary database
  • Actuals compare invoicing data with the independent logs


By collaborating with Actuals, Takeaway.com used the robotic revenue validation to get in independent check on the data in their database. At the same time it changed their audit approach as they can react on deviations faster and have better insights with the monthly reports.

Independently validated if all 68+ million orders where invoiced and recorded in 2017

Significant shift in financial- and IT-audit approach

Automated reporting on the 1st every month for monthly close purposes