Optimize Financial Processes: Automated reconciliation

Unlock the full potential of your financial processes. Gain internal control by automating your reconciliation process, enhance accuracy and completeness, and gain deeper insights on a transactional level by seamlessly integrating different sources, like Stripe and NetSuite, to the Actuals platform ((Self-build)backends, datawarehouses, Payment Service Providers and accounting systems).

Here's how Actuals makes your NetSuite Stripe integration easier

Connectivity with Multiple Sources: Flexible Integration Options 

Easily integrate with multiple sources: (self-build) backends, Datawarehouses (DWH), Payment Service Providers (PSP’s) like Stripe and accounting systems like Netsuite. Our platform supports a wide range of PSP’s such as Adyen, Paypal, Stripe, Mollie and many more. Along with a variety of accountings systems such as Netsuite, Exact Online, Twinfield and many more. Explore the diverse integration options available to tailor the platform to your specific requirements.

Discover Actuals: Revolutionize Your Financial Processes
 Single Source of Financial Truth | Almost Perfect Matching |  ISAE3402 Type II Certification | SOC 2 Type 1
 Unlock the power of the Actuals platform by automating the reconciliation process, for which you will gain financial knowledge on a transactional level.

Automated Integrations: Effortless Integration with Powerful APIs 

Seamlessly connect NetSuite and Stripe using our automated approach, which leverages powerful APIs. Simplify your integration process by automating connections through API, scheduled reports via SFTP, Snowflake, Google Cloud Platform, and more. Actuals manages the technical aspects, ensuring a quick and efficient setup, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.


Reconciliation Package: Achieve Almost Perfect Matching in Your Reconciliation

We aim for nearly perfect matching on our reconciliation platform by integrating all Payment Service Providers (PSPs), like Stripe, with other sources such as the accounting system NetSuite or backend systems like Salesforce. Automate the reconciliation process for internal control and ensure a smooth financial month-end and year-end closing.

Month-End and Year-End Closing: Efficiency Redefined for Closing Procedures 

Actuals strives to achieve a 99.99% match rate on our reconciliation platform by providing a streamlined solution. Continuously monitor unmatched transactions and resolve discrepancies before the month-end closing. Conduct in-depth analyses on a transactional level (e.g., orders, payments, refunds, and chargebacks), enhancing the efficiency of your month-end closing. Access comprehensive reports for external audits at year-end.


Additional Reporting Dashboards: Insightful Reporting at Your Fingertips 

Gain access to advanced reporting dashboards, including custom dashboards tailored to your specific needs. Generate open-ending balance reports and additional insights with real-time financial data, aiding in efficient month-end closing and informed decision-making. Drive better financial management and planning.

Experience the Transformation: Book a Demo! 

Contact us today to book a demo and witness how integrating NetSuite and Stripe with Actuals can transform your financial operations. Our team is prepared to showcase the full potential of our platform, streamlining your processes, enhancing accuracy and completeness, and providing deeper insights into your transactions.