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Release Notes | Autumn release 2021


Author: Peter Lem, CTO

This blog describes several updates that are available to all users of the Actuals web application as of right now. Apart from these features to the overall application, there are many additional possibilities to customize the application to a company’s specific need. Feel free to reach out to your Actuals’ contact to discuss the possibilities.

Dashboards & Analytics

The integration with the reporting environment has been updated to facilitate multiple dashboards, visible to users based on the user role they have. This means tailored dashboards can be created for a specific set of users, while not being visible to others.

Additionally, it is not only possible to view dashboards but also to create analysis yourself and share them with your colleagues. You can do this with our Actuals dataset so you’re sure you’re creating insights with the proper data.


It is now possible to use Multi Factor Authentication when using the Actuals web application. When enabled, a SMS code will be send when logging in to further validate your identity. Please reach out to your Actuals contact to have this enabled for your if you wish to do so.

Explanation rules

Another great feature is the possibility to define explanation rules that explain unmatched transactions given a pattern / set of conditions that apply. As a result transactions do not need to be manually explained, one by one, but are explained continuously based on their properties. For example an explanation rule can be used to always explain transactions that have an order state “Cancelled” as for a certain set of systems the transactions will never match. This helps in making sure you can quickly focus on the actual outliers in your transaction process.

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