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Release Notes | March 2023


Author: Peter Lem, CTO

This blog describes several updates that are available to all users of the Actuals web application as of right now. Apart from these features to the overall application, there are many additional possibilities to customize the application to a company’s specific need. 

Feel free to reach out to for any question you have using our current of new features.

Transaction Details

We have updated the transaction details page, which now has the layout of a “page” instead of a “popup”. The updated page provides more space to display important information, allowing you to quickly access the data you need, and making the user experience smoother.

Explanation Category Data

The pages for explanation category and rules now display the number of transactions linked to each category, providing you with a better understanding of the category’s current use and impact. Additionally, you can click on the number to view the actual transactions with that category.

Exchange Rates

You can now choose to use exchange rates to calculate the Euro amount for transactions based on the date, currency, and local currency amount in every environment. This Euro amount can also be reported on the overview page, providing a consistent result.

Create explanation categories on the fly

In addition to searching for categories on the transactions page, users can now create a category on the fly. This feature allows users to stay in the explanation flow and quickly flag the selected transaction in the right category.

Other improvements

  • Improved top visuals on overview page
  • Improved sorting and filter de-duplication on overview page
  • Update bug related to scrolling on the transactions page
  • Updated SQL theme for manual queries
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