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Release Notes | November 2022


Author: Peter Lem, CTO

This blog describes several updates that are available to all users of the Actuals web application as of right now. Apart from these features to the overall application, there are many additional possibilities to customize the application to a company’s specific need. 

Feel free to reach out to for any question you have using our current of new features.

Controls section

The newly added controls section can be used to define risks, add descriptions and responsibilities, and link with existing matching packages. This way, your matching packages have additional context and purpose, and we are working on expanding the controls section with more functionality in the future.

Configuration table

Now you can view and download a configuration overview of all parameters of all sources in one single page. As all definitions are centralized, you will enjoy a better overview of the data processing. Additionally, this allows for providing transparency to internal and external shareholders.

Improved PDF report

The PDF report has been updated and now includes the latest definitions and objects such as explanation rules and sources. The document that can be sent immediately to external auditors or other stakeholder and report on the matching packages in the Actuals environment

Updated source page and setup

The sources page has been updated to provide a better overview of the existing sources by allowing filtering on types and listing the sources. The flow to create a source has been updated as well to make the setup more user friendly. Finally, you can now also directly drag-and-drop a file from your desktop into the  the uploading of files has been improved by making it possible to drag file from your desktop to the web app directly 

Transactions page updates

The transactions page has been updated with an “Assigned To Me” button to quickly filter the unmatched transactions on the exceptions that require immediate attention. Additionally, the search option has been extended and now allows filtering on specific properties like transaction id / settlement id or other parameters, configured per environment.

Clickable parameters

The functionality will facilitate a deep dive into the transactions with just a few clicks as clicking will result in a lookup of the transaction value. It´s not possible to configure which parameters can be clicked apart from the transaction id.

De-duplicate transactions on transaction id

The transactions page shows all transactions that do not match, sorted by the the biggest difference. As a result, many transactions with the same order id can be shown (as each individual row is shown), which can feel like a lot of duplicate data. This new feature allows to de-duplicate the transactions based on the transaction id  

Other improvements

  • Improved performance of transactions overview 
  • Improved error messages for test query for mapping 
  • Extensive setup of manual queries 
  • Solved bug for graphs on overview page 
  • Allow different start page (matching packages / controls / dashboard / etc.) per environment
  • Possibility to hide matching packages from the overview page 
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