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Release Notes | Summer release 2021 part II


Author: Peter Lem, CTO

This blog describes several updates that are available to all users of the Actuals web application as of right now. Apart from these features to the overall application, there are many additional possibilities to customize the application to a company’s specific need. Feel free to reach out to your Actuals’ contact to discuss the possibilities.

Web application usage

Even though we tested extensively, there are cases where an error message appears
when opening the Actuals web application for Chrome users. When this error
occurs, take the steps on this page and clear the local storage for We apologize for the

User roles

It is now possible to assign user roles to the users of the web application. Based on the roles, functionality like explanations, data sources setup or audit logs are available. This capability will further facilitate a robust structure for handling exceptions through the web application. Furthermore, it makes it easy to share your data and view with external users like auditors and suppliers. Feel free to contact your Actuals’ contact person on the possibilities in your environment.

Explain transactions

The transaction details page has been updated such that explanations can be provided from that page as well. This makes it possible to not only find exception quickly, but label them and act immediately. 

The transactions detail has also been updated allowing the user to collect a link directly to the transaction details. This allows sharing the transaction data easily with colleagues and managing the exceptions.


Filters have been grouped so that viewing the transactions page is easier on the eyes. Additional updates are in the works to make sure the visibility is further improved on the transactions page.

Small updates

  • Fixed some page reloading bugs when switching environments
  • Fixed formatting of labels on overview page
  • Updated PDF report download
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