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Release Notes | Summer release 2021


Author: Peter Lem, CTO

This blog describes several updates that are available to all users of the Actuals web application as of right now. Apart from these features to the overall application, there are many additional possibilities to customize the application to a company’s specific need. Feel free to reach out to your Actuals’ contact to discuss the possibilities.

Matching difference

The transactions page has been updated to include the matching difference. This amount is represents the difference that transactions has with data in the source it is matched with. By default the transaction page is sorted on the matching difference so end users can see the transaction with the biggest difference at the top, allowing them to focus on the most important problem to solve.

Global sorting

The sorting functionality on the transactions page has been updated to allow global sorting (until now sorting a column only sorted the visible rows) on a specified number of columns. For columns like amount or matching difference this allows the end users to sort on biggest values, the ones with the highest impact, easily.

Label filtering on overview

The overview page has been updated to Include labels. Per source segmentation per country or supplier it is possible to quickly determine the root cause contributing to the source’s numbers. Additionally the labels or suppliers can be filtered on for an overall overview across all source and matchingsources.

Infinite scrolling

The transaction page has been updated to include infinite scrolling. Currently this is limited to a zoom level of 100%. For other levels a link has been added to load 30 additional rows of data. As a result it’s easier to browse through transactions and load new data if necessary

Insights, reporting and dashboards

The insights environments has been updated to facilitate better filter and click through options. Several new visuals are available as well and it’s currently also possible to mail the reports and dashboards periodically (daily/weekly/monthly)

Small updates

-Fixed a bug preventing explanations to be stored properly

-Fixed vatamout presentation on transaction details

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