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Holistic Matching & Reconciliation Platform

any transaction, any source


Monitor margins, prevent revenue leakage and signal incorrect supplier payments on a transactional level

Gain true insights into your financial results by automating the transaction validation process with the use of the latest technologies. Benefit from real-time, data-driven control and closed-loop management of your revenue streams.

Independent real time monitoring

A 100% complete overview of your revenue and margins in real-time, with the use of Actuals’ Robo-Auditor™.

Compliance risk

Save up to 50% in costs preparing IT- and financial audits and report in real-time to internal and external stakeholders.

Management by exception

Focus on the 1% exceptions while Actuals takes care of the rest.


Save up to 90% in time by automating your manual reconciliations and minimize errors.

Actuals' benefits for you​

With Actuals you get true insights in your financial results by automating the transaction validation process. Benefit from real-time, data-driven control and audit of your revenue streams to have continuous insight in your margins and your payable and receivable balances.


Chief Financial Officer

Are you sure you’re not selling with a negative margin?

Rely on a single source of truth for financial control and benefit from third party assurance on all systems for internal and external accountability.


Finance Manager

Is your suspense account on par at a transactional level?

Save significant time and cost managing revenue correctness and completeness through automated matching and resolving of transactions in all systems.


IT Professional

How do you prove all systems and applications are in balance?
Our state of the art, out of the box capabilities for data integration makes it possible to connect all data sources quickly and without effort.

Finance transformation team

Is RPA and Finance Automation already on your agenda?
Modernize your revenue management processes through a centralized and holistic approach. Benefit from RPA and AI at your fingertips.

How does it work?

Actuals offers an intelligent web application that empowers finance professionals with the right level of control and assurance on transactional level.

Supported by our smart workflow manager, you can easily make validated reconciliations between any of your data sources.

We guarantee you that Actuals connects to your accounting/ERP suite, payment solutions, tag management solution, universal connectors and big data sources in no time.

Real time controls | AI powered | RPA enabled |  Data driven assurance

Connected apps

And many more!

Trusted by

Lennaert Koch, CFO

Actuals taps into three systems (backend, Adyen and Accountview) and continuously analyzes whether the same transactions are available everywhere.  So that I, as CFO, know that all transactions have been paid for and that all transactions are also properly administered. The use of the Actuals Robo-Auditor™ also provides our external auditor with the right level of comfort that all orders are recorded as revenue in our back-end 

‘I only call Actuals if the transaction matching dips below 99%’

Lennaert Koch, CFO

“The tooling of is a lock on the door. If something goes wrong as a result of a change made to our systems, we immediately see it again via”

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