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Matching and Reconciliation made easy

The go to solution for Finance professionals that want to reduce risk and increase margins

A single source of truth in Finance

Monitor your financial health in one overview and immediately see what is going on in all connected finance systems and applications. Never miss a single transaction again, ever.

Knowledge through comparing​

Gain continous insights into the overall transaction status, correctness and completeness by matching two or more sources.

Distributed reconciliation

Add colleagues or even external stakeholders (such as suppliers) to your workflow and distribute tasks in a controlled fashion to collectively contribute to a closed loop transactional flow.

Find and Fix

Once you really zoom in on issues and deviations, any workflow member can take the required action to fix them on the go.

In-depth Finance Intelligence at your fingertips

Monitor, analyze and report on any financial reconciliation metric. Out of the box analytics capabilities – to full-on bespoke reporting. Anything to keep your company in control.

The nexus of financial data

Effortles integrations with all your financial data sources

We already did the heavy lifting in connecting with many of the relevant players in the financial eco-system and are constanly adding new ones to our offering. This enables you to leverage your specific financial setup within the shortest possible time.

Want to learn more? We are ready to show you all the possibilities.

We perfectly understand that choosing software for your business can be a though process. We are more than happy to demonstrate our capabilities and work together with you on builing the case towards the best ROI. The easiest way to start this process, is to apply for a one-on-one demo.

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